C4MC: Center for Metalforming Careers
These resources have been developed to highlight the metalforming industry and its many fulfilling career options, as well as provide information to manufacturers about engaging students in the industry with the goal of building a trained and quality workforce.

Metalforming Careers Video
A 5-minute video featuring the stories of several industry employees who are passionate about their metalforming careers.
SOURCE: Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and PMA Educational Foundation (PMAEF)
Metalforming Careers Brochure
A brochure highlighting industry careers that emphasizes how metalformers are essential to the products we depend on each and every day.
SOURCE: PMAEF and The Manufacturing Institute
Tool & Die Careers Brochure
A brochure featuring how tool and die makers shape the products that are used in our daily lives.
SOURCE: PMAEF and The Manufacturing Institute
From Accounting to Apprentice
Meet Nick, who joined a tool and die apprentice program after realizing a ‘desk job’ wasn’t his dream job. From the assembly floor to apprenticeship, Nick has found a rewarding career path.
SOURCE: Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and PMA Educational Foundation (PMAEF)
Destiny of Manufacturing
Listen to leaders from across the manufacturing sector talk about their plans to grow and sustain the industry. This podcast from Longevity Industries is updated twice a monthly. Subscribe for updates.
SOURCE: Longevity Industries
Employer Celebrates Employees Who Have Ascended the Career Ladder
Industry employer Ajax Metal Forming Solutions, Minneapolis, MN, highlights several colleagues who have climbed the career ladder through apprenticeships, internships and scholarships.
SOURCE: Ajax Metal Forming Solutions
Metalforming Jobs Center
A job board connecting job seekers with employers in the metal stamping, forming, fabricating, and tool and die industries.
Careers in Metalforming
Answers to common questions about industry careers, such as: Is it safe?; Is it stable?; What is the salary?; What education is needed?; What kind of careers are there?; and much more.
SOURCE: PMA Educational Foundation
Dream It. Do It. Ambassadors’ Kit
A kit containing information you need to know to begin engaging students in your region. Included are how-to guides for student engagement activities, marketing materials, sample communications for building partnerships in your community and more.
SOURCE: The Manufacturing Institute
Skills Certification System Toolkit
A resource to help manufacturers recruit and train a quality workforce.
SOURCE: The Manufacturing Institute
Metalforming Surrounds, Supports and Gives Structure to Your Life
An overview of common metalforming processes and how the industry gives form to your life.
SOURCE: PMA Educational Foundation
National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Apprenticeship System
Information on NIMS’ competency-based apprenticeships. To become a NIMS Certified Machinist, Toolmaker, CNC Setup Programmer or a Certified Journey Worker at any NIMS occupation, the apprentice must earn NIMS credentials in demonstrating satisfactory performance in a required number of competencies.